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X-STATIC socks are made for individuals that require a sock that breathe, controls temperature variations and that are anti microbial (via silver technology). Their non constrictive open end band is also useful for individuals that swell around the ankle allowing adequate blood flow to and from the foot. They are useful to people who suffer with circulative disorders, diabetics and individuals who are careful about their foot health. X-STATIC socks come in a variety of sizes and colours – grey, black and white. They are available at all five of Karak and Wilson Podiatry group locations.


THERASOCKS are ideal for anyone who requires a casual sock for work, or day to day activities such as walking. Howvever they are also useful (due to their moisture wicking technology) for sports such as hiking, tennis, basketball or running. They have excellent durability, and ventilation ability, that make them so popular in our clinics to our wide clientele. To purchase these visit any of our five locations. Colours: Black, White.