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Shoe Review

Nike Air Pegasus +26


Air Pegasus +26


Men's: 7 - 15
Women's: 6 – 12

The Pegasus is a highly cushioned, light runner with great breathability designed for a person with a neutral foot strike. It is great value for money in its neutral category. Updates on previous models are an increase in width through the forefoot, increased flexibility through the outsole, and a more flexible upper.

The Nike Air Pegasus features breathable mesh upper with no-sew overlays for comfort. The upper is very light and well ventilated, keeping the feet cool and allows for good breathability. It also has a customized lacing pattern which is great for accommodating a wide range of foot types. Overall I found the upper very comfortable, however it is not as supportive as it may be, and even with a neutral foot, I found the upper too flexible.

This shoe has a full length air sole unit which is immediately comfortable to wear. It also has great durability and good compression resistance, making this shoe ideally suited for a neutral, supinated or rigid foot type. The midsole also contains a soft PU crash pad which is designed to decrease the impact pressure for a smooth entry to gait. I would be apprehensive if fitting this shoe with an orthotic to someone that is not lightweight, and would not fit someone in this shoe with any over-pronation problems.

The Pegasus outsole has a bareflex cushion outsole pattern with increased flex grooves for great toe off. The shoe has good torsional rigidity, so it provides stability and durability however flexes in all the appropriate places. It also contains a center of pressure heel for great heel cushioning, great for those people who experience heel soreness in exercise and need that extra bit of softness. Traction proves impressive on concrete and bitumen surfaces.

Overall this shoe was extremely comfortable to wear, and was able to be worn straight away on a long run without any problems.
Forefoot – Width has been increased through the forefoot, and I would now not suggest the Pegasus if you have a very narrow forefoot. It now runs on average width. The cushioning is excellent, as is the depth of the shoe.
Midfoot – the midfoot width is suitable for all foot types; especially those with a narrow midfoot.
Heel Counter – Very comfortable and provides for most foot types; most suitable for a narrow heel, however not suitable for those with a very wide foot and wide orthotics.
Toe box – The toe box is relatively deep and would accommodate most foot types, the softness of the mesh upper contributes to a better feel of the toe box.
This shoe would comfortably accommodate most orthotic styles, unless very wide.

Overall I found this shoe extremely comfortable to wear. The cushioning all over the shoe was excellent, particularly in the heel and it feels very light weight on the foot. If required,(with help from a podiatry team) this shoe could accommodate orthotics. I feel it would be greatly improved if there was more stability in the upper.

Lightweight recreational to performance runners; people who have a very neutral or supinated foot strike; people who experience heel pain, forefoot pathologies and people with orthotics.


Bianca David