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Shoe Review

Mizuno Wave Nirvana 2


Wave Nirvana 2


Mens: 8-13
Womens: 7-11

Mizuno® Wave® Nirvana™ 2 has full length composite Double Fan Wave™ and lateral rubber wave which provides premium motion control. Midfoot support throughout running was excellent and cushioning did not appear to reduce over longer distances.

It’s X-10™ carbon rubber solid sole provided respected durability over a 3 month period of testing. It maintained even wear under high impact and provided adequate traction at heel strike and more particularly at toe off. Traction and stability seemed to stand out in this shoe and reflective of it’s improved Sensor Point™ suspension system that connects these wave plates to the ground.

Forefoot – good for most widths, although may not be suitable for an extremely wide forefoot
Midfoot- suitable for medium to wide midfoot
Heel contour – provides snug fit, very supportive
Toe box – adequate depth and room, AIRMesh helps to a softer feel
Orthotics – accommodates most orthotics very well due to a high heel counter and wider heel cup

Good ride quality with increased cushioning and support technology. Maintains a smooth heel to toe transition.

Runners of all levels, especially those with a larger build
People requiring moderate support
People with orthotics
Due to variations in control and cushioning, and the effects of orthotic therapy on shoe function, consult your podiatrist before purchasing footwear.