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Shoe Review

Asics Kayano 25


Kayano 25


Just landed the Kayano 25 offers some great new tech updates to the amateur to moderate runner. Its lighter and its ride has improved.

The forefoot is designed with a biomorphic fit – a new seamless mesh that adapts to the individuals foot shape- this allows the upper to move with the foot making it very comfortable! The width of forefoot is better suited for a slightly wider foot; I have an average to slightly narrow foot and find the forefoot very roomy, however, it has not been an issue. It is available in several widths to accomodate most foot shapes

The midfoot of the shoe is such a snug fit due to the lacing system, as the midfoot is so secure around the foot it more than compensates for the roominess in the forefoot. The guidance line technology increases gait efficiency by allowing for a smooth progression of load through propulsion from heel-strike through to toe-off.This shoe is suitable for most foot types – best fit likely to be a mildly pronating foot.

The clutch counter external heel bracing system used removes the internal component in the heel and replaces the heel counter to the outside of the shoe – it is much firmer and stable than previous models and is probably the most positive update in this shoe . I would now consider using this shoe with an orthoses to improve a runners stability and know that it will withhold the stress at contact.

A great 5 -42 km running shoe. Really happy with the update and look forward to seeing how it goes over many km's.


Paul Karak