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Nail Pathologies

Compared with fingernails that often receive significant attention in the form of filing, painting and biting, our toenails could be considered the 'poor relation'.

We often neglect and poorly treat our toenails thus resulting in painful conditions and/or permanent damage.

Our footwear is perhaps the most important factor in nail care. Tight fitting, poorly conforming shoes often worn by women generally result in toenail deformity in the form of thickened, misshapened nails. Thickened nails or 'onychauxia' is a permanent condition that comes about through repetitive shoe pressure or a single traumatic incident (ie dropping something on the toe) resulting in permanent deformity of the nail cells that grow nail. These nails often require podiatric care as they become too difficult for self management and quite uncomfortable.

Ingrowing nails are also a common occurrence. Most infected or painful nails are caused by poor cutting technique and/or nails that curve deep into the sides of the skin. Simple precautions such as horizontal cutting and suitable wider fitting shoes are two precautions that can be taken to avoid painful ingrowns. More importantly, if a nail is infected, that is, swollen, red and there is fluid in the wound, we advise that you make an appointment with our Podiatry team.

Tinea of the nail, is another common condition resulting in brittle, thick and discoloured nails. Many over the counter medicaments are unable to penetrate the nail and attack the "tinea". With various types of nail tinea requiring different treatments, we suggest that you consult our Podiatry team to assess for this and discuss management options.

There is also a myriad of other conditions that can affect the nails adversely. Obviously, concerns or questions should be directed towards our Podiatry team.

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