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Computer Gait Analysis

As part of a Biomechanical assessment at Stonnington Podiatry, you will have a full gait analysis completed in conjunction with muscle testing and joint range of motion analysis.

 Often Podiatrists assess a patients gait by eye. This is fine, however often small things such as calcaneus eversion rate and magnitude along with toe off positions are hard to gauge by eye.

 At Stonnington Podiatry all of our biomechanical gait assessments are completed with Silicon Coach.

 Silicon Coach is a computer gait analysis program that allows the clinicians and patients to see frame by frame the small things that make the big difference by showing immediate visual feedback in treatment sessions.

 Set Up:

At Stonnington Podiatry Silicon Coach is loaded onto the latest Apple devices and is streamed through Apple TV then projected onto computer monitors located at the head of the assessment treadmill. 

The video is then stored in the cloud for further reference and sharing with referring clinicians if required.


Once a video is recorded the file can be viewed frame by frame (slow motion). This gives a very accurate image for the clinician and patient to see.  This is particularly useful for seeing heel strike positioning, rate and amount of heel eversion into mid-stance, timing of heel lift and calcaneus re-supination followed by toe off positioning.

 Silicon Coach allows the clinician to then use side-by-side comparison with before and after shots to see the patient progress and effect of prescribed interventions.