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Generally not thought of as a condition of relevance to the feet, their importance in overall body posture particularly that of the lower back cannot be underestimated.

Often tightness and stiffness of the lower back can be brought about by inappropriate muscle and tendon usage due to poorly positioned feet during the gait cycle.

Excessive pronation (rolling in) of the mid and rearfoot bring about internal rotation of the leg, rotating the femoral head in the hip acetabulum (socket) internally, hence causing the pelvis to dip forward (anterior pelvic tilting). This results in an increased curvature of the lower back and often overuse syndromes involving musculature and ligamentous structures. Sciatic pain of the buttock and radiating down the leg can be often attributed to tight pelvic musculature impinging on the nerve as it passes through the pelvis.

Orthoses are an effective tool in improving alignment and efficiency of the lower limb that can help with lower back pain. Muscle re-training and appropriate footwear may also be of significance in helping your lower back pain.

Leg Length discrepancies are also a major factor in lower back pain. Podiatrists at Stonnington Podiatry are able to assess and measure this and work with Physiotherapists and Massage therapists to rectify the alignment problem. Often customised heel or shoe raises are used to achieve this.

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