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Welcome to Stonnington Podiatry: sports injury specialists

Corona (Covid-19 Update) :

Please note that Stonnington Podiatry have employed strategies to protect our patients and staff at our clinic. Our consulting rooms and reception areas are cleaned following every consultation and hand sanitisers and masks are available for any patient that require additional measures of safety.   We are providing only essential podiatry care.

Please be assured that your health and safety it at the foremost of our priority in these trouble times. We are continuously monitoring WHO and government channels and updating our staff regularly on current safety measures. Please refrain from entering the clinic if you have been in contact with a suspected covid 19 individual or yourself presents with flu like symptoms - fever, respiratory symptoms, running nose. Please phone the clinic to discuss your situation prior to entering or making appointments.

Tele-heath Appointments will be soon available. Please contact our clinic for further information


With combined experience of over 25 years Podiatrists at Stonnington Podiatry clinics specialise in all lower leg and foot conditions. Our podiatry team has experience treating:
  • metatarsalgia or forefoot pain
  • claw toes
  • bunions
  • arch pain / plantarfasciosis
  • heel pain /spurs
  • osteoarthritic conditions
  • children’s foot pain
  • back, hip and knee pain
  • shin or calf / leg soreness
  • Achilles tendinopathy
  • Ankle pain
  • Corns and callous
  • Nail care

Stonnington Podiatry clinics are fitted out with the latest in gait analysis equipment (treadmill and video recording) for running and walking analysis. Podiatrists at Stonnington Podiatry are able to use a detailed foot and leg assessment along with data gathered in your Gait analysis to form the best treatment plan for your condition.

Treatments may include soft tissue massage, dry needling, strengthening and stretching. The Podiatry team is able to provide advice regarding the latest in footwear technology, prescribe and fit both custom and pre-fabricated (off-shelf) orthotic devices to offload damaged structures. Prescribed insoles for pressure relief contain the highest quality materials for cushioning and comfort with accuracy and detail second to none.

Stonnington Podiatry offers a full service for your general Podiatry and footcare needs.

Please contact our clinic for further information. Otherwise browse our website to find out a little more about our team or for more information about the services we provide.